What is objective of the Sunday school at Dar Al-Taqwa?
To teach children the Quran, as well as the Arabic language. In addition, we also cover hadith and Sunnah. Our goal is for the kids to learn the deen (religion) and the language of the Quran.

Is the Sunday school geared for Arabic-Speaking children?
Absolutely not. The school serves all Muslim families that are keen for their young members to learn Arabic as a language. Arabic language skills are only pre-requisites for admission into higher level classes, but not the beginners’ class.

Is it important for Muslim children to learn Arabic?
Certainly, learning the Arabic language enables Muslims to read, understand, and comprehend the Quran as well as the teaching of Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

My child knows how to read Quran, what will he/she learn in the Arabic language classes?
A:  Even if your child knows some Arabic, the school will give him/her the opportunity to enhance his language skills, learn vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, etc.

What is the difference between the Saturday and Sunday schools at Dar Al-Taqwa?
The Saturday and Sunday schools have slightly different goals. For Sunday school, we focus more on teaching Arabic as a language, in addition to Islamic studies and Quran. The school runs based on classes rather than a school day model (which the Saturday school follows). The reason is that we have ten levels and we cannot have them all covered at the same time (due to teacher and space limitations).

Can you elaborate on teaching curriculum and topics covered?
For beginners (5-7 years old), the class covers Arabic alphabets, Quran (small Surat), and Islamic studies (basic of Aqueedah, manners, simple Du’aa, etc). Level 1 builds on what is taught in the beginners’ class and adds basic Arabic skills, whereas Level 2 covers Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies as appropriate to the level. Levels 3 and higher have a separate class for Islamic Studies (for slightly over an hour) and a class for Arabic and Quran (2 hours).

Who teaches the Sunday school classes?
The classes are taught by professional and experienced teachers who work at surrounding Islamic schools and organizations.

What is the schedule of the Sunday school?
Beginners level classes run for 1.5 hour, while level 1, 2 and up run for 2 hours. Level 1 and 2 classes cover Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies. For level 3 and up, separate Islamic
studies classes are offered. Thus, a student in level 3 and up will be at school for 3 and half hours.

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What is the cost of the Sunday School?
School tuition are posted on this page.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Contact the Sunday Arabic School by email or phone. The email address is sundayschool@taqwa.net. The phone number is (410) 997-5711 extension 106.