School Rules

Dress Code

The basement and 2nd floor are part of the Masjid and require the same dress code of the Musalah. Thus,

  • Boys, 11 years and above, must have shirts to cover their chests and pants to cover below the knee. No gold jewelry or silk clothing.
  • Girls above 11 years of age should cover their hair and wear loose clothes that do not describe their body. Tight blouses and pants are NOT appropriate.
  • It is recommended to stress the importance of the dress code for younger kids, as deemed appropriate to their age. Above all the students need to learn to respect the Masjid.


  • Students are expected to respect their teachers like they respect their parents. Disruptive behavior in class will not be tolerated. Repeated offenses may lead to dismissal.
  • Students should care for the welfare of the facility by keeping it clean and avoid rough usage of the amenities.
  • In the playground, students must demonstrate curtsey to all others to play safely. In addition, they should avoid violent games that can harm others.

Electronic Gadgets

  • All video games are not allowed in class.
  • Music players are not allowed at all.
  • While in class, sending text messages is NOT permitted. The teacher will take the cell phone if a student is spotted sending a text message.
  • In general, a student who gets busy with his/her phone in class will not be permitted to carry his/her cell phone in school.


  • Students should not miss classes unless it is unavoidable. Absence will be tracked and reported to the parents. The missed material and homework must be made up. Missing more than 30% of classes without arranging with the teacher may prevent the student from advancing to the next level.
  • Children should come to school on-time and prepared. Textbooks, pencils, notebooks, and other required supplies must be brought in as well.
  • Parents should supervise their young children while they are not in class.
  • Students should be picked up on time.