School Mission

If you are looking to enhance your child’s Arabic skills while also having them learn about different aspects of Islam, you have come to the right place. At the Sunday school, our goal is to meet the needs of each individual child, so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the Quran.

The classes cover Arabic and Quran (exception is for younger kids the teacher covers also Islamic studies in the same class). A class runs for 2 hours for old kids and 1.5 hours for young kids. For older students, we offer separate Islamic studies class (at no additional fees).

Unlike contemporary weekend schools, the Sunday schools focuses more on teaching Arabic as a language. It is not just for Arabs. The goal is for the children to read and understand Arabic script; of course in addition to learning Quraan and their deen. The school runs based on classes rather than a school day model. The reason is that we have now 10 levels and we cannot have them all covered at the same time (due to resources and space issues).

For beginners (5-7 years old), the class covers Arabic alphabets, Quran (small Surat), and Islamic studies (basic of Aqueedah, manners, simple Du’aa, etc.). The class runs for 1.5 hour. 

The Level #1 class also runs for 1.5 hours and builds on what is taught in the beginners’ class, e.g., reading small words. 

For Level #2, the class runs for 2 hours The class again covers Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies as appropriate to this level. 

Level 3 and higher have distinct class for Islamic Studies (for slightly over an hour) and a class for Arabic and Quraan (2 hours).

The classes are taught by professional and experienced teachers who work for the surrounding Islamic schools.