Our Teachers

Mayasah Abdullah

Wafa Alnumri

Nagla F. Badawi

Khadijha Elnabrawy
Sister Khadijha received her Bachelor degree in Education and Art of Arabic and Islamic studies from Ain-Shams University in Egypt in 2007. She started her career by teaching as a full time Arabic teacher in Modern school of Egypt in 2007/2008. In2008/2009, she taught in the Sunday school at Prince George Muslim Association (PGMA). She established the Sunday school program at Masjed Zamzam to teach Quran and Arabic in 2010 and continued to serve as principal until 2017. Sister Khadijha is enrolled in Muddakir program in Diyanat Center of America to memorize the Holy Quran and learn its meaning (Tafsir). She enjoys to walk, read, and craft activities in her free time.

Salwa Khalifa (Um Ammar)

Ferial Hijazi
Sister Ferial has been an Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies teacher for 28 years at Al-Rahmah School and 17 years at Dar At-Taqwa. Sr. Ferial holds a teaching degree from an accredited institution in Egypt. When she moved to the states, she acquired an Associates degree in Child Growth and Development and is certified in ASCD Differentiated Instruction. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and keeping up to date with different teaching technologies.

Wafa Khartabil
Sister Wafa has been teaching at Dar Al-Taqwa Sunday school for many years. She has B.S in Islamic Studies from Omdurman Islamic university. In addition, she attended many workshops for teaching Arabic as a foreign language in the US. She has also been teaching Arabic and Quran at Al-Huda School since 2002.